How To Get Tokunbo Cars Cheaper.

Are you reading this article because you are about to buy a tokunbo car? If you have answered yes, then this might be resourceful for you. But if you answered no, this article will be valuable in many other purchases other than buying a car. There are a few tips on how to get tokunbo cars cheaper.

Preparation is Key To a Good Deal

Preparation always makes the difference before an examination, interview, business launch and even buying a car too. If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else. Most Nigerians when pressed with a decision in buying a car, the excitement takes away the preparation part. Taking a mechanic to buy is not preparation. The mechanic may not even help you get a better deal but you can.

Few things to know before you visit the seller

  • Know the market / going price for the tokunbo car you want to buy. We look at Toyota Rav4 manufactured between 2006 – 2012. This model has about 8 model variant/trims – LE, D-4D, D-CAT, SR, T180, XT-R, XT3, XT4, and XT5. The LE been the entry-level and the cheapest whilst the XT5, XT –R the top of the range.  Every Make and Model has different trims and specs which reflects on the price. Also, you must consider the mileage and general condition of the car too. This finding will help you know what you can expect to pay for the car spec you are looking to buy.
  • Make a list of all the cars and sellers that interest you and be prepared to prioritize your list based on how much you like each of them. You should also put a maximum price you are willing to pay on each.

Be Friendly & Polite.

Getting friendly may be an uneasy thing to do by some. Approach the seller with a smile while you say hello. We love respect as Nigerians and you can use this as a strength to get yourself a good deal.

Put a smile up

You want to get a good price, seller wants to sell with a good profit. Your smile could be worth and additional 5% discount. Try to laugh to seller’s jokes even if you don’t find them funny. The seller may try to be over friendly and this is because he/she wants to sell to you. This takes me to the next point below.

Don’t Let The Seller Talk You In.

Ever been to a shop to buy your regular brand which is out of stock, and the sales rep tried to sell you a substitute brand? You may be offered an alternative car for less if you and the dealer could not agree on a price. Perhaps you don’t like the car after the viewing, be prepared to walk away. Car sales are not like groceries that we buy often.

Car dealers don’t push away prospective buyers, they attract and convince them to make a sale. So, ever think a car dealer will let you walk off from buying a car from him/her? You should be prepared to walk away if you don’t like the car regardless of how nice the seller was to you. My final tip on how to get tokunbo cars cheaper may confuse you.

Don’t Ask For Discounts.

how to get tokunbo cars

I know this may sound wrong to you. Don’t ask for discount even though you would like a reduced price? Asking for a discount gives the seller an upper hand in the negotiation. It sends the right signal to the seller that you definitely want the car. The seller may have had a lower minimum exit price (that is the least offer willing to accept). Asking for discount will make him increase that minimum price. Make sure your opening offer is not your best offer but too low to angry the seller. Don’t show the excitement on your face.

Get Money Off For Imperfection.

Car sellers don’t like tyre kickers and time wasters. Don’t become one by over slating the issues with the car. You don’t want the seller thinking you can’t meet their asking price. Instead, be polite, test drive the car, check that all electrics work. Does the Toyota Camry come with AC and does it work? What about the tyres on the Honda Accord, do they have good threads? Any dents or noticeable scratches on the car? If there minor defects that can’t affect your interest but you may want to get it sorted later, this would be your bargaining tool to get some cash off the asking price.

To sum it up, never rush into buying a car. Good things come to those who wait. Excitement can make one rush into making hasty decisions on buying that Toyota Camry or Honda Accord. However, this does not mean a car dealer will wait for you if there’s an opportunity to sell to someone else who meets the asking price. This article gives you tips on how to get tokunbo cars cheaper but it is not on a guide for every dealings. Use an experienced mechanic to do your viewings when you can. If the car meets all conditions including the price, then go happy.

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